Curiosity Change Drives® Benefits

Having your team(s) participate in this Curiosity Change Drives ® assessment will result in more sustainable change and growth

Some of the beneficiary aspects of developing curiosity are:

  • strengthening of employee engagement
  • better work results
  • enhanced collaboration
  • ability to handle tough (change) situations better
  • have less defensive reactions to stress caused by change
  • experiencing more meaningful goals in work
  • at least 20% more mental and physical energy
  • reduces confirmation bias

Furthermore, the system also provides insights in:

  • Overview on team competences deriving from curiosity
  • Overview of organizational processes that either stimulate or discourage the ability to change or digitally transform
  • Overview of the teams felt ability to control and influence their work and responsibilities

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The Curiosity Change Drives ® assessment assures a factbased start of change, rapid growth or digital transformation. Gives equal attention to people & process!

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  • Assessment (per participant) € 165,-
  • 12 month licence € 950,-
  • 12 month access to team dashboard € 550,-
  • Assessment per participant (incl guidance) € 540,-

Become a Curiosity Change Drives ® practitioner

Are you a transformation manager or change manager? And looking for a practical assessment tool? Become an accredited practitioner of the Curiosity Change Drives ® system.

We offer practitioner courses for independent (digital) transformation or change professionals and in-house transformation professionals. Our training location is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We can also travel to your location for an in-company training.

Help organizations in giving people & process equal attention
Become and independant Curiosity Change Drives ® practitioner

As an independent transformation professional or change manager, you add an objectified and structured tool to your skillset by following our training. We’ll help you in embedding the initiative in your daily practice, using the tool, structure follow-up and basically all the learnings we’ve gained up until today.

Scientific background

Our assessment software is tested thoroughly on quality of measurement and outcomes. The Curiosity Change Drives® system is based on the most recent international academic and practical research on collaboration, team performance, organizational resilience and mindfulness in work.


Personality assessment

On a personal level, we use the basic personality research done by the renowned psychologist Carl Jung, but also incorporate the honesty-humility factor, a dimension first used in the Hexaco model. This model was created by Ashton and Lee and is explained in their book “The H Factor of Personality”..

Other important inspiration came from the article by professor Barbara Lee Fredrickson on positive emotions, published in 1998, the book “Solve for happy” by Google X Chief Business Officer Mo Gawdat, the book “Thinking fast & slow” by Daniel Kahneman and the Kubler-Ross model effects which are sometimes experienced when embarking on a change management project.

Organizational assessment

Furthermore, learnings on organizational system & family system dynamics were part of synthesizing towards this assessment center.

Also articles from Daniel Berlyne, George Loewenstein, Ryan & Deci, Robert Bushman, Elad N. Sherf, Vijaya Venkataramani, Ravi S. Gajendran, SS Timkins, M. Csiskszentmihalyi, M. Corstjens, Gregory S. Carpenter, Tushmit M. Hasan, M. Zuckerman, Todd B. Kashdan and many other articles added in some form to the Curiosity Change Drives® system. And of course, my personal experience in change and transformation management, digital maturity and other assessment centers.