Our Curiosity to Change

In present day, change is the only constant. Research has shown that Curiosity is the primary drive to cope with
change. So we believe that people are the driving force of :

  • Digital transformation
  • Change management
  • Start-ups
  • Scale-ups
  • Growth hacking

The Curiosity Change Drives ® is Human-focussed cloud software that uses an assessment centre developed for mapping the most important soft skills and the processes that have an impact on creating and maintaining the needed behavior for change ( and growth). All needed behaviour is revolving around a person’s drive to be Curious and able to change. It is a coaching instrument helping the employee and employer become better equipped for these in-demand soft skills. Because you need to hire for these soft skills, but also provide the organizational environment to support and develop these soft skills..


Current change- or growth management is usually process-driven. People just have to accept and internalize the new process. We believe Process & People should be treated as equally important, because they are inseparably connected: People are influenced by their surrounding (business) environment and the (business) environment is subject to impact of people's behavior or decisions. Make use of CuriosityChangeDrives to provide a mirror not only to the assessment taker but also to the whole organization!
We include the following aspects in the assessment:

  • individual & team behaviour
  • organizational processes
  • leadership
  • organizational culture
  • hard-skill digital marketing gap analysis (option)

The Curiosity Change Drives® system is based on the most recent international academic and practical research on collaboration, team performance, organizational resilience and mindfulness in work. It closes the gap by offering not just insights but also clear actions in present day work methods to provide a better work-life balance, a crucial aspect for professionals when choosing for a particular employer.

Research shows that curiosity, a drive that every human is born with, forms the basis for a work attitude perceived as pleasant by the employee as well as desired and sought by employers. The ability to be curious in your everyday work delivers


Discover your curiosity

We take change and innovation management very seriously. We believe that feeling Curious again is the key to enjoy your work and delivering better performance at the same time. We ask for your trust to let us help you enjoy life and work a little more and helping your company become better at the same time.


When you take the Curiosity Change Drives ® assessment, the report that you and your manager will receive is NOT judging you in any way, your current behavior is based on so many external factors (organizational & family systems) and life lessons from the day you were born upon till today. This profile is here to help you and the organization in getting you a little closer to your natural born curiosity and enjoy life & work a little more!

The Curiosity Change Drives® system is based on the most recent international academic and practical research on collaboration, team performance, organizational resilience and mindfulness in work. It closes the gap by offering not just insights but also clear actions in present day work methods and the shifting paradigm towards desired better work-life balance.

The assessment can be part of a team assessment. In that case, it does not only assess your behavior in the organization, but also the effect of your behavior in the organization and the processes that impact your behavior.


Team assessment

The value of the Curiosity Change Drives ® online assessment is strengthened by information sharing of the results afterwards. It is a thorough analysis providing the team with a starting point for growth, on a personal as well as organizational level.

Growing in Curiosity needs three levels in the organization to be susceptible for change

  • Every person
  • Leadership
  • Organizational processes

Results of the team assessment will help leadership to manage for sustainable high performance and developing his or her own adaptability as a manager. Not only by focussing on managing the team, but also by providing the manager with clear insight for higher management if organizational processes instituted on a higher lever are in direct conflict with the manager’s KPIs in managing for higher performance.

We recommend involving an accredited Curiosity Change Drives ® practitioner to do some necessary legwork in creating the foundation for the information gathered. As the report creates clear and honest insights on needed changes for everyone involved, good stakeholder management is a crucial part of the success.


Develop Curiosity

By participating in the Curiosity Change Drives ® assessment, you create a starting point for improving curiosity within the organization and all the benefits associated with it. It creates the distinct ability for managing the learning and development cycle needed to further advance the people, the team and the organization.

After the analysis and reporting we make available, you need to choose what soft and hard skills are most important to focus on developing. We make a suggestion for skills to look at, our dashboard enables you to choose and monitor the skill set you find most important to reach your goals and KPIs or OKR’s.

All graphics and insights are available to incorporate in business cases or other presentations to involve and inform stakeholders.

In order to be effective, we completely tailor this process to you and your team and organization. It is an agile process where we need to collaborate and work closely to get the job done. The success of this process highly depends on mutual insight sharing, shared engagement and determination.

Once you have selected and prioritized the sought after skillset, an accredited Curiosity Change Drives ® practitioner will assist you in organizational learning and personal development to reach that skillset. Two coaches we work with in the Netherlands:

Henk van de Velde

Henk van de Velde – Coach and founder VCG Horses

Henk is successful entrepreneur and businesscoach. Working as organizational advisor and senior executive coach, he has gained a tremendous amount of experience. He has proven himself to be of great added value for organizations who would like to grow with CuriosityChangeDrives HR cloud software. Henk is pleasantly direct and to-the-point and gets the job done.

Henk van de Velde

Else Reijnen – Coach and founder De Nieuwe Spelerij

Else has earned her stripes as successful (team) coach in the .com world and she is a kind and warm person. Like no other she knows when to apply pressure or cut someone some slack in coaching. We are proud that Else is helping people at our client Centraal Beheer Achmea, one of the largest Dutch insurance firms, in becoming more curious.