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What do all successfull teams have in common? They stay curious! Curiosity is the soft skill leading to growth, change and innovation in your organisation. Because curious employees are committed, motivated to change, and they get more satisfaction from their work.

Curiosity Change Drives ® is the first change management software providing insights in employee behaviour and the causes of this behaviour. CCD measures behaviour and provides clear actionables of what you as a manager can do to have impact on behaviour.

You will get a clear view on current soft skill behaviour as collaboration, result orientation, learning agility and resilience of your team through a first class dashboard. And the right tools to help developing the curiosity within your team. Start today using our online portal and assign the assessments for new team members yourself. Curiosity Change Drives cloud software makes change management factbased & soft skill oriented!

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CuriosityChangeDrives ® Change Management software is created for teams that are in change/transition or need to do that soon
It is the first Change Management Software that provides accurate and factbased information on personal- and proces level:

    • work culture
    • Behavior
    • processes or protocols that impact the work culture or behavior in a good or bad way
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Benefits CCD Change Management software

With our Change Management software you have a full stack solution that supports you in change or digital transition. The following functionalities will help you:

  • Overview of the available hard- and soft- skills
  • Individual and aggregated (team)results
  • Organizational dashboard that adapts to each team- or roadmap change
  • Assign assessments yourself by new applicants or team members
  • Alerts HR or recruitment if you have a skill gap
  • Dashboard integrated cloud drive, where you can upload team member notes
  • Cloud based, so available everywhere
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  • Assign assessments to your team
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